The House Formerly Known As 3301 Waverly Drive

21 Apr

It was only after I made the cross continental move to Los Angeles, Calif. did I actually begin to fully recognize the historical and cultural significance this town has on contemporary society.

The famous HOLLYWOOD sign can be seen from the rooftop of my apartment building. Members of famous rock bands grew up down the street from me. I’ve seen different celebrities wandering around my neighborhood and it’s not unusual to spot filming crews for TV shows, commercials and movies.

Even though this place is my home now, I still haven’t really gotten around to visiting any of the traditional tourist attractions– I have yet to go to any of the museums, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Disneyland or Griffith Park Observatory.

However, I have visited the house where Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were stabbed to death by members of Charles Manson’s followers, later called “The Manson Family”, in August of 1969.

Yes, I do know that this is more than a bit morbid.

I read “Helter Skelter”, the story of the Manson case by prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, the summer after my freshman year of college. I have since kept a close eye on the story, still following the lives of the people who were involved. There’s no other true-crime case that intrigues me as much as the Manson story. I decided that needed to go to these places where this history actually happened–the Tate-LaBianca houses, two of Los Angeles’ most famous haunted houses.


Street artist Banksy’s stencil of Charles Manson in a prison suit, hitchhiking to anywhere. Archway, London.

The house on Cielo Drive, where pregnant Sharon Tate and her dinner guests were massacred by The Manson Family, a crime that was committed 40 years ago last August, was torn down sometime in the 1990s. Another house, later called “The McMansion” was raised in it’s place.

But, the LaBianca house still stands. Renovated since the murders, the driveway is located in a different place in the yard and a heavy gate stands between the house and the rest of Waverly Drive. It also has a different address to keep away the curious.

And it’s located 10 minutes from my apartment in my neighborhood of Los Feliz.

Phil and I drove up the long, winding road looking for the house and immediately recognized it from the old black and white photos. Though I have read that people have occupied the house since the murders, I was still shocked to see that there were cars parked in driveway.

I parked Phil’s Ford Escape across the narrow street, just kitty corner from the LaBianca house. Phil waited in the car while I hopped out to take some photos.

The homeowners had padlocked the looming red gate with a strong silver chain. I noticed that no other house on the street had comparable security.

I loitered for a bit in front of the house and snapped a few photos. After standing there for a few minutes, I started to feel uncomfortable. We didn’t stay for very long.

The LaBianca house back then

The LaBianca house now

The address on LaBianca house was changed from 3301 to 3311 Waverly Drive.


Soon, I’d also like to go check out The Spahn Movie Ranch, the movie set where Manson and his cult lived during the late 60s.

There’s actually a “Helter Skelter” tour that takes people to the relevant locations, but it’s $50 per person and a 3.25 hour commitment. That might be a little bit much for me.

11 Responses to “The House Formerly Known As 3301 Waverly Drive”

  1. Kiki 21. Apr, 2010 at 4:05 am #

    oh Caitlin… it’s okay. I would do the same thing. that’s very interesting photo comparison and how they changed the address number. so creepy.

  2. nate 30. Apr, 2010 at 8:58 pm #

    are you fimiliar with the history of this house and how it was haunted even before the manson murders.
    ive been searching for the story and found your blog.the actor that played superman in the black and white series shot himself in that house. to make a long story short its very haunted by several ghosts if i find the story ill post it for you bye.

  3. keevel 24. Oct, 2010 at 9:23 am #

    I find myself drawn to locations that seem to hold time frozen, then transform a photograph or movie scene into something dynamic and corporeal. I was visiting Lookout Mountain in Tennessee and found the spot where Mathew Brady photographed General Grant and his Staff in 1863.I had as eerie feeling and imagined I could see and hear those men. As for the house formerly known as 3301 Waverly Drive and being haunted before the LaBianca’s lived there I can’t say, but probably not by George Reeves “Superman” as I’m pretty sure he lived on Benedict Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills. -keevel

  4. Kim Donner 11. Nov, 2010 at 9:14 am #

    My Mom lived two doors down the year that the manson murders happened. She had to talk to the cops also on that murder case. The house is creepy for sure. She lived in the old Judge Yanwich house renting from him while waiting to move into another home in Griffith Park. Who owns that house now?

  5. judy elaine ward 13. Jan, 2012 at 4:15 pm #

    please listen to me i am kidnapped since 1963 look at the pictures in the black papper back book with red leeters says helter skelter by curt gentry and boulischy i cant spell his name i know these people they murdered my family and all my children heather pyatt last picture says charles manson on way to death roll look last picture in the papper back book tate and hinman they are involved with she calles herself ronnie howard the newspapper they show in book i know them all help me they are stocking me they took 7 oil wells whiten 1 block from me also railroad rights they call me poor rich girl never got a dime yet they used my name on o.p.c.k. in dallas texas then they put it in swiss bank accounts these people hyptonize and use voodo some are here in lubbock texas okmulgee ok. they murdered my children last 2 at birth i am trying get justice but they have rhelma they killed mother thersa i saw her 1964 in hitchita ok. the murders took over both my land look at what calls herself abagle foldgers my kidnappers i saw them in 1963 the pictures of my kidnappers she layed on the floor with toe sack on i was there the girls use my ssnumber murdrew and do nasty help me understand how people can murder people and get away with it and blame everyone about it thank you judy in lubbock tx

  6. cindy 17. Nov, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

    Nate you couldn’t be more wrong Superman never lived at that address, he lived at 1579 Benedict Canyon Road where he was murdered!

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  10. Kai Barlow 03. Sep, 2014 at 5:49 pm #

    You won’t believe this, but my mother, brother and I moved into this house in late 1973. It had remained vacation since the murders and we found out the night we moved in about its history. It was, needless to say, very creepy. There were LOTS of curious people peering into the windows day and night – no gates or fences to keep them out. Worst of all, whoever rented the house didn’t really bother to cover up “Death to Pigs” covered up on the walls. Nice to show your guests, eh? Needless to say, we didn’t live there any longer than 8 months. It became apparent to my mother why it was the only house in the area that she could easily rent.


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